Binder Request 

During these tough economic challenges, we understand these are trying times for everyone that's why Thriving Transmen of Color, GC2B, and community donators teamed up to offer free binders for the community members who met our need requirements (*There are income restrictions)

Although we would like to fulfill every request we focus only on folks who have higher financial barriers. 

Please note: Binders are provided by what's in stock and only for transmen and transmasculine A-FAB individuals who can not financially afford to purchase one. If out of stock it could take several months to fill the order. Please follow us on one of our social media platforms and attend at least one of our events or online sessions before submitting a request AND REFER TO GC2B BINDER SIZING LINK BEFORE SUBMITTING BINDER REQUEST. 

Please note: At this time we are unable to ship international

At this time, we have limited delivery capacity so we may request that you pick up your items if you are able and resident of Hampton Roads, Virginia. We cannot guarantee that the binder you may receive will be brand new but they will be in clean and/or working condition.
Due to limited funding and inventory, we are only able to fill one order once every 12 months so that we can assist as many trans people as possible.

If you would like to donate gently used or new binders to our organization. please email us at:

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