Thriving to be a Better Version of You (Youth) Moderated by TTMOC at MASS

This is a 6-session program that caters to youth ages 12-16 years old who identify as TLGBQ+. This program is fundamentally designed to meet once a month at Minority AIDS Support Services Norfolk location. The participants of this program are surrounded by volunteers who have undergone background checks and training in TLGBQ+ educational services.  This program acts as a safe haven where youth can share stories, experiences, and ideas, and express themselves.  Thriving to be a Better Version of You program creates opportunities for youth to gain knowledge, resources, and support. Youths apart of the program create community and find safety in loving who they are and who they are becoming. Acceptance, diversity, Inclusion, and equity among of things are part of the core values instilled in youth who complete this program.
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Thriving Parents for Thriving Kids (Parents) Moderated by TTMOC at MASS

This is a 6-session program catering to parents and or parental figures of TLGBQ+ individuals (Youth or now adults) who can have needed conversations moderated by members of the TLGBQ+ who are parents themselves. Parents and Parental figures apart of this program want to better relate to their children and understand how their child identifies. The mission of this program is to provide education, safety during tough conversations, resources, and an outlet to share without fear of judgment.

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Youth Ambassador
A program designed for TLGBQ+ Young Adults, ages 17-23, who are seeking training in public speaking, facilitating meetings, and education around gender and sexual orientation. Must be able to pass a background check. Be able to commit to training and attend Thriving to Better Version individual assigned sessions to receive a program stipend. email: for more information. 


A virtual monthly support program designed for BIPOC Transmen and Trans masculine individuals age 50 + seeking  safe space to build community and talk about different topics with individuals who share similar stories Email: for more information.