Services we provide

Assistance with mental health referrals, mentorships, workshops, LGBT+ training, support spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, referral to safe and affirming medical care providers, and community resources, and referral to HIV/AIDS resources.

Assistance with name change or Gender Marker Change forms  (please be advised some forms may require a doctor for completion which we do not provide a scope of support at this time however we can make recommendations on which medical provider you can use).

Assistance with applying for jobs, resume writing, interview attire, and tips (Some services provided will be outsourced).

Assistance with applying for government-issued assistance such as SNAP, Medicaid/ Medicare, WIC, and any other forms (We may refer individuals to other community partners if we are unable to assist in filling out documents).  

We provide assistance with individuals applying for housing such as what is needed for homeownership or requirement for renting suggestions as well as one on one financial literacy tips, budget management tips, and saving options. 

We provide referrals to food banks in individuals' local areas, as well as non-perishable goods resource list and locations for individuals in the local area of Hampton Roads, Virginia.  We are currently in the process of starting a community garden to help fight hungriness.